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Stitched Backs Gallery 7/03/2005
Visit the Stitched Backs Gallery to see side-by-side pictures of project backs and fronts! This is a gallery composed entirely of the backs of projects posted by our gallery owners.


New Project Editor Feature: Add More Pictures 2/27/2005

You can now add multiple pictures to a single project using the new Add More Pictures button! When viewing someone's gallery, look for the See More Pictures... link for projects containing more images. The pictures can be viewed as either Thumbnails or a Slide Show.

To add additional images to an existing project, first click the Add More Pictures button located below the title of the project to which you want to add the additional pictures. Next, select the type of picture you will be adding by choosing one of the following three categories from the See Pictures of menu:

See Pictures of...
the Completed Project Use to post different pictures of the same project. For example, close-ups, the back side of a project having two completed sides like a pillow, or a framed picture of the project.

My Progress On This Project Use to post your works in progress on this project.

Other Projects Created With This Pattern Use to post pictures of this same project that you stitched again but changed in some way.

After selecting the correct category, click the Add Picture button. After the editor opens, click the Browse... button to select the picture. If you are posting a work in progress, you can enter the date the image was stitched and the hours if you like. For images of the completed project or variations, you can enter an optional caption that will be displayed under each picture. Click the Save button once you have entered all the information.

To delete a picture, simply click the Delete button next to the image.


New Gallery Photo Album Viewer 1/01/2005

Ever wanted to sit back and page through all the galleries without having to go back to gallery index each time? Now you can using the Gallery Photo Album which puts all of the galleries into one large "book" that you can page through with the click of the mouse. When you reach the end of one gallery, a flip of the page takes you to the next gallery. If you close the photo album, it marks your page and takes you to the same page the next time the album is opened. You can also quickly skip from gallery to gallery using the "Next Chapter" button.

There's also a Search that returns all of the projects found "bound" into their own album with the word or words you searched for highlighted in yellow.


Tuck Pillow Pattern Maker 12/07/2004
Ever wanted to make the perfect Tuck Pillow for your cross stitch project but didn't know how? Try our Tuck Pillow Pattern Maker to create a custom pattern and instructions for assembly.


Gallery Project "Quick Search" 11/10/2004

When viewing a gallery in Detail view (as opposed to Thumbnail), you will now see the search icon to the right of the Designer and Subject descriptions. When the search icon next to the Designer is clicked, a new window will be opened displaying other projects on the site created by this designer. When the search icon next to the Subject is clicked, a new window will be opened displaying projects listed under the same subject.

If you click the title of a project to view the "Detail Page", a Type description may be present if it was entered by the gallery owner. It will also have a search icon so that you can quickly find projects of the same type. 


Gallery Owners, Show Us Your Backs! 9/01/2004
The Gallery Editor has been updated to allow posting the stitched backs of your completed projects. Once uploaded, the picture will have a View Back link below the image. When clicked, the back of the image will be displayed. When clicked again, the front will be displayed. At the top of every gallery there is also a new link, Show Only Projects with Backs. When  clicked, it will display only projects that have backs to view. If enough gallery owners start to upload project backs, we will add a page to quickly view backs of projects.


Gallery Project Editor Changes 6/27/2004

There's been some changes made to the Gallery Project Editor to hopefully make it easier for gallery owners to categorize their projects. The Subjects have been updated based on the over 6,000 posts. The following subjects have been added:

New Subjects

Angels Fantasy Summer
Babies Lighthouses Wedding
Birds Music Winter
Fairies Precious Moments

A new menu has also been added to the editor to describe type of project or how it was finished. It includes the following categories some of which were removed from the Subject menu:

Finished As (Project Type)

Bell Pull Jewelry Ornament Sachet
Bookmark Keychain Other Stocking
Bread Cloth Magnet Picture Towel
Card Mug Pillow Wind Chimes
Coaster Needle Roll Quilt Square  

The order of the fields and menus within the editor have also been reorganized in a more logical manner. Finally, on-screen help has been added to explain each of the fields and menus on the page. Just move your mouse over the  icon.

With so many projects being posted to the galleries, it was becoming very difficult to find things via search. These changes have been made to hopefully encourage gallery owners to better categorize their projects. The Site Search has also been updated to include Quick Searches for these categories as well as the Designers. In order to provide people visiting with an organized and consistent view of the galleries, we may make changes to projects that have been not been categorized so that they are able to be located via one of the existing search categories.



Search Site by Subject and Designer 6/20/2004
You can now search all of the galleries across the site for Subjects and Designers using the update Search page. The Subjects tab lists all of the predefined subjects for projects people have entered while the Designers tab shows a list of designers. Just choose any link under the tab to quickly see all projects that meet that criteria.


New Finishing Technique: Perforated Paper Jewelry Pins 4/08/2004
This new finishing technique provides instructions for turning small, stitched patterns created on perforated papers into jewelry pins.


New Finishing Technique for Fabric: Refrigerator Magnets 2/22/2004
Ever wanted to know how to display your cross-stitch projects on your refrigerator door? Step-by-step instructions are now available in the Finishing Techniques section for creating Refrigerator Magnets from cross-stitched pieces.