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What will I do??
Mon, Aug 1, 2016 12:39 AM
Posted by Mary Jane Alojado
I have started a new project & have already finished the 1st part of 6 pages, when I started the 2nd page w/c is beside 1st page, I have shocked that I miscalculated my numbering and it seems that the 2nd page will not going to fit, what will I do????
  • Reply from Pauline
    Monday, August 01, 2016 4:43 AM
    Sometimes when you are working with several sheets, there is a pattern overlap. You can usually tell if there is a shaded area on both sheets (it would be on the right side of page 1 and if the chart on page 2 is across from page 1, the overlap will be on the left of page 2). Hope you can understand that. Go to top