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Back Book Cross Stitcher's Bible Project Book
PublisherDavid & Charles
Publication Year2003
DesignerJane Greenoff
46 Patterns
Beaded Bird and Bauble Garland
Description: Grapevine wreath with small birds, butterfly, berries, and bee. Also beadwork and birdhouse button.
89w x 86h
Beaded Birth Sampler
Description: Baby carriage and flowers. Also beadwork and various stitches such as bullion, Holbein, and eyelets.
44w x 68h
Beaded Briar Rose Card
Description: Cream-colored briar rose with beads.
31w x 30h
Beaded Honeysuckle Card
Description: Pink and yellow honeysuckle.
34w x 23h
Blackwork Beasts
Description: Blackwork owl, lion, hedgehog, bear, snail, koala, hippo, and gorilla.
192w x 172h
Buttercup and Daisy Placement
Description: Buttercups and daisies.
46w x 67h
Buttercup and Daisy Tablecloth
Description: Daisies, buttercups, and ivy leaves.
292w x 292h
Butterfly Gift Tag
Description: Yellow butterfly.
19w x 14h
Button House Sampler
Description: Traditional sampler with alphabet, numbers, trees, flowers, and a button house,
61w x 83h
Christmas Pudding Card
Description: Christmas pudding.
21w x 21h
Christmas Stocking Tree Trim
Description: Stocking with gifts.
19w x 20h
Christmas Tree Card
Description: Christmas tree with gifts.
18w x 22h
Counting Sheep
Description: Sheep in a pasture. Includes a sheep button.
59w x 60h
Daisy Coaster
Description: Daisies.
40w x 40h
Deer Gift Card
Description: Deer as inspired by 17th-century spot motifs.
21w x 22h
Fireplace and Presents Card
Description: Fireplace with gifts.
21w x 21h
Grape Gift Card
Description: Purple grapes.
29w x 24h
Hardanger Needlecase
Description: Spot-motif-sampler inspired purple and yellow flowers with a Hardanger heart.
34w x 32h
Heart and Flower Card
Description: Cream and mauve briar roses with two hearts.
35w x 60h
Hedgehog Card
Description: Blackwork hedgehog.
45w x 23h
Honeysuckle and Hardanger Hearts
Description: Pink and yellow honeysuckle surround five Hardanger hearts.
108w x 120h
Honeysuckle Gift Card
Description: Pink and yellow honeysuckle.
37w x 34h
Honeysuckle Ring Pillow
Description: Pink and yellow honeysuckle with a Hardanger heart.
46w x 60h
Needlelace Flower Sampler
Description: Cream and mauve briar roses, alphabet letters, and numbers.
128w x 162h
Needle's Prayse Band Sampler
Description: 17th-century inspired sampler with deer, grapes, vines, alphabet letters, and flowers. Also various stitches such as ladder hemstitch, eyelets, Holbein, and rice stitch.
78w x 394h
New Baby Gift Card
Description: Baby carriage.
25w x 27h
Orange and Clove Tree Trim
Description: Clove-studded orange with red bow.
19w x 20h
Owl Notebook
Description: Blackwork owl on a branch.
37w x 46h
Pansy and Violet Anniversary Sampler
Description: Pansies and violets surround a heart with couple's initials and wedding date.
84w x 89h
Pansy Trio
Description: Three pansies.
54w x 15h
Pink Flower Bookmark
Description: Pink and mauve briar roses.
21w x 40h
Pink Rose Card
Description: Pink briar roses and leaves.
34w x 39h
Rose Case
Description: 6 motifs of red, pink, and yellow roses.
161w x 101h
Rose Needlebook
Description: 2 red and 2 yellow rose buds.
42w x 34h
Rose Pincushion
Description: Single red rosebud surrounded by smaller buds and leaves.
30w x 36h
Sea Breezes Band Sampler
Description: Sea shells, seahorses, flowers, and waves. Also beadwork and various stitches such as Hardanger, Holbein, eyelets, bullion, and herringbone.
45w x 153h
Sea Breezes Needlecase
Description: Seahorse with seashells.
30w x 34h
Sparkly Advent Calendar
Description: 24 pockets include candy cane, holly, tree, poinsettia, fireplace, ornaments, bow, Christmas pudding, wreath, candle, etc.
22w x 22h
Stitcher's Floral Companion
Description: Mauve and cream briar roses with your initials on a small stitcher's case.
80w x 55h
Strawberry Picture
Description: Strawberries and leaves.
43w x 36h
Stuart Silk Flower Sampler
Description: Various flowers, strawberries, and grapes inspired by 17th-century Stuart English spot motif samplers.
110w x 90h
Sulgrave Sampler
Description: English spot motif sampler with flowers, vines, grapes, a key, and a house. Also various stitches such as bullions, Holbein, half Rhodes, Algerian eyes, lazy daisy, and buttonhole.
79w x 397h
Tree Bauble Gift Card
Description: Purple and gold Christmas ornament.
22w x 22h
Violet and Pansy Charm Sampler
Description: Violets, pansies, and other small flowers with a pair of hearts.
94w x 98h
Violet Purse
Description: 17th-century inspired violets.
78w x 35h
Violet Trio
Description: Three violets.
36w x 20h