Cole's Quilts

Additional Information
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Stitched by Peggy in Illinois
Stitched by Peggy in Illinois

COLE'S (Creations of Love, Etc.) Quilts creates cross stitched quilts for Families of SMA. Created in memory of Cole Daniel Webb, Cole's Quilts began in September 2003 and have completed hundreds of quilts for other children with this disease.

Submission Instructions
  1. Go to Cole's Quilts and locate a child not marked as completed.

  2. After selecting a child, kindly email Linda and she will contact you within 24 hours.

  3. Review the Requirements before starting.

  4. Once you have completed your quilt square, mail to the address listed below.

Linda Zuroff
C/O Cole's Quilts
P.O. Box 8264
Haledon, NJ  07538-0264