The Tuck Pillow Pattern Maker will create a custom, full-sized, printable pattern for any cross stitch pattern. Just enter the size of the pattern below, select the fabric count, and click the Update button. For complete instructions on assembling the pattern see the Tuck Pillow Ornament page under Finishing Techniques.
Tuck Pillow Pattern Maker
  * Pattern Size:  W   H  on  count fabric Enter the width, height and count size of your stitched project.
Pillow Shape: If you have a rectangular stitched piece and select 'Same As Pattern', the pillow will be rectangular in shape to match the pattern.
All Measurements In:  displayed as
Pillow Border Width:
 in This is the width of the fabric that frames your stitched project. If you leave it blank, a suitable value will be chosen.  Leave blank to have this value calculated automatically.
Pattern Space:
 in Enter the amount of space you want between the edge of your stitching and the pillow border.  Leave blank to have this value calculated automatically
Seam Allowances:  in The distance from the edge of the fabric to the stitching line.
Pattern Preview    

(See Print View for full-sized pattern)

3/4 in
3/4 in
Your Stitching
Sample Finished Pillow
Printer Friendly Version
1/4 in
1/4 in
Pillow Back, Stitching Back (Cut 2)
Do Not Sew
1/4 in
1/2 in
Borders (Cut 4)Fold Line
1/4 in
1/2 in
Side Borders (Cut 2)Fold Line
1/4 in
1/4 in
Maxium Size
Minimum Size
Stitched Project

All seam allowances  1/4 in