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J&P Coats floss color numbers
From: Melissa
I bought some J&P Coats floss recently and am trying in vain (so it seems) to match up the numbers I have to their DMC counterparts. Problem is, the J&P numbers I have don't even match the ones on their own--or any others'--color list. For example, I have a bright orange skein numbered 00169 and a khaki-colored skein numbered 03108 which don't even come close to the numbers I see on various conversion charts on the web. Any solutions or suggestions would be very very appreciated.


From: Anneli
Have you asked Coats & Clark?
If they don't know what they are, they might be bad replicas from China.
From: Pam Waters
Melissa, did you ever figure out how to convert it? As I bought a bunch from Wal Mart as well labeled under J&P Coats and I cannot figure out the conversions. I did realize it was made in India so wondering if Wal Mart has been selling knockoff floss.
From: Meranda
I also bought a pack from Walmart and cannot find the matches either!
From: kate
I also bought a large paack of various colors J & P Coats with those numbers and I also cannot figure it out.
From: june
I also have the same problem. I bought a pack of floss in Walmart, jp coats made in india and I cant get the conversion to dmc.
From: Leona
I found an old chart but do not see the numbers you have. The chart has DMC, New J&P, Color Name and J&P Coats Skeins
There is a Bright Orange Red (DMC 606) (New J&P 2334) (J&P Skeins 237)
Burnt Orange DK (DMC 608) (New J&P 2332) (J&P Skeins 259)
No Kakhi color