Here's the place to request where to buy a cross-stitch kit or chart.
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Looking for the Canadian provinces flags patterns
From: Sue
I am looking for a patterns of each Canadian province flags & each province flowers for cross stitch. I have been looking for a while now and I don't seem to be able to locate a place where to find those patterns. Thank you in advance for any help.

From: Busydebbie
From: Maria S.
Years ago there were charts from Helen Burgess that had the provincial flowers for needlepoint or cross stitch. Check with Gitta's in Toronto
From: sue
I don't live in Toronto. I am almost 3 hours away from Toronto and never go there.
From: Maria S.
Gitta's does mail order and you can phone them for advice any time; they are very helpful. I live a good hour and a half away from Gitta's and don't enjoy the 401 drive heading for Toronto, so I do phone. Try it for yourself.
From: Maria S.
Try It's a Canadian company out in the Maritimes. They may have some. I know they have done east coast berries