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Leaflet50 Cross Stitch Sports Designs
50 Cross Stitch Sports Designs
Leaflet Number:3570
Publisher:American School of Needlework
Publication Year:1991
Designer:Sam Hawkins

Cover: Various Sports Designs

Patterns (50)
#1 13w x 11h
A Hole in One 26w x 25h
All Star 27w x 11h
Are We Having Fun Yet 22w x 29h
Baseball 61w x 21h
Baseball Bat 25w x 25h
Baseball Glove 15w x 16h
Basket Hoop and Ball 20w x 22h
Basketball 58w x 14h
Bat 25w x 25h
Birdie 55w x 36h
Bowling 56w x 21h
Bowling Pins and Ball 30w x 39h
Coach 44w x 11h
Cycling 55w x 23h
Doubles 34w x 20h
Fishing 34w x 40h
Football 57w x 19h
Football Helmet 18w x 17h
Football Widow 49w x 25h
Foul Ball 38w x 33h
Golf 41w x 21h
Golf Bag 24w x 44h
Gridiron 36w x 23h
Gymnastics 28w x 44h
Hockey 34w x 34h
Hooked on Fish 'n 30w x 25h
I Love Aerobics 33w x 45h
I Love Sports 27w x 34h
I'd Rather Be Fishing 62w x 23h
I'd Rather Be Golfing 36w x 30h
I'd Rather Have a Bad Day 36w x 30h
Jogger 38w x 19h
Lacrosse 49w x 13h
Little League 48w x 27h
Racing Usa 49w x 37h
Sailing 33w x 37h
Ski 22w x 30h
Slugger 44w x 49h
Small Hot Air Balloon 10w x 16h
Soccer 73w x 16h
Softball 23w x 15h
Sportsman 51w x 19h
Square Circle Boxing 48w x 19h
Surf's up 32w x 24h
Swimming 51w x 55h
Tennis 37w x 14h
Volleyball 49w x 14h
Workout 31w x 50h
Wrestling 76w x 17h
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