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Leaflet50 Work Vehicles
50 Work Vehicles
Leaflet Number:477
Publisher:Jeanette Crews Designs, Inc.
Publication Year:1999

Cover: Various Work Vehicles

Patterns (50)
#1 Environmental Accident Van 31w x 14h
Haz Mat van
#2 Stretch Limo 34w x 7h
Black stretch limo
#3 Telescopic Handler 34w x 20h
Green telescopic handler
#4 Bus 31w x 10h
Gray and red city bus
#5 Concrete Mixer 32w x 15h
Yellow concrete mixer
#6 Tow Truck 30w x 14h
Yellow tow truck
#7 Moving Van 36w x 14h
Blue moving van
#8 Rapid Response Vehicle 36w x 13h
Red rapid response vehicle
#9 Roller 29w x 29h
Green road roller
#10 Multipurpose Farm Truck 26w x 17h
Green farm truck
#11 Skip Loader 24w x 16h
White truck with brown bucket
#12 Tanker Truck 38w x 8h
Red and white tanker truck
#13 Skip Steer 20w x 23h
Yellow skip steer
#14 Police Car 30w x 10h
Blue and white police car
#15 Articulated Dump Truck 33w x 13h
Blue articulated dump truck
#16 Bulldozer 32w x 16h
Yellow bulldozer
#17 Semi- (18 Wheeler) 48w x 11h
Gray and green semi truck
#18 Backhoe Loader 47w x 17h
Yellow backhoe
#19 Pizza Guy 15w x 7h
Red pizza van
#20 Forage Harvester 35w x 17h
Yellow forage harvester
#21 Zodiak Rescue Craft 32w x 7h
Blue rescue water craft
#22 Water-Tender Engine 38w x 16h
Red fire department vehicle
#23 Delivery Van 20w x 9h
Red, white, and blue delivery van
#24 School Bus 27w x 9h
Yellow school bus
#25 Garbage Truck 34w x 15h
Blue garbage truck
#26 Ambulance 30w x 12h
Red, white and blue ambulance
#27 Lightship 27w x 17h
Gray and red lightship
#28 Shipping Truck 41w x 11h
Green and yellow shipping truck
#29 Forklift 24w x 21h
Yellow forklift
#30 Telescopic Boom 15w x 32h
Red telescopic boom
#31 Tractor 21w x 16h
Green tractor
#32 Rescue Helicopter 39w x 12h
Red, white, and blue rescue helicopter
#33 Fire Tanker Aircraft 16w x 12h
Gray tanker aircraft
#34 Street Sweeper 27w x 13h
Yellow street sweeper
#35 Dump Truck 30w x 19h
Yellow dump truck
#36 Fire Rescue Truck 43w x 14h
Red fire department vehicle
#37 Sky-Lift Engine 32w x 23h
Fire department vehicle
#38 Camper Van 26w x 12h
Blue and white camper van
#39 Dumper 23w x 15h
Green dumper
#40 Utility Repair Van 25w x 12h
Blue utility repair van
#41 "Mr. Fix-It" Van 20w x 9h
Green Mr. Fix-It van with ladder
#42 Space Shuttle 34w x 15h
Space shuttle
#43 Traffic Helicopter 49w x 16h
Red and white helicopter
#44 Taxi 35w x 13h
Yellow taxi
#45 Police Boat 34w x 21h
Yellow and blue police boat
#46 Pick-Up Truck 26w x 10h
Red pick-up truck
#47 Police Motorcycle 27w x 18h
Red, white, and blue police motorcycle
#48 Excavator 36w x 23h
Yellow excavator
#49 Snowplow 42w x 16h
Blue snowplow
#50 Wheeled Excavator 30w x 20h
Green wheeled excavator
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