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MagazineCross Stitch Collection
Source:Cross Stitch Magazine Database
Publisher:Future Publishing, Ltd.
Publication Year:2003

Patterns (10)
African Sunset 118w x 146h
Designed by Maria Diaz
An elephant and a baby elephant against sunset background.
An Apple a Day 77w x 79h
Designed by Maria Diaz
A small design with an apple that says "An Apple a Day".
Blackwork Rose 61w x 61h
Designed by Leon Conrad
Blackwork rose pattern.
Floral Splendor 99w x 128h
Designed by Caroline Palmer
Bouquet of poppies.
Hello Sailor 96w x 137h
Designed by The DMC Corporation
A Sarah Bengry bear. Dressed in sailor clothes.
Let's Celebrate
Designed by Joanne Sanderson
Set of cards related to celebrations.
Light up You Home 54w x 58h
Designed by Anna Davidson
Illuminated letters adorn this tablecloth.
Mystical Mountain 100w x 135h
Designed by Sheila Hudson
Scenic landscape of Mt. Fuji done in bright colors. Part of series of landscapes around the world. The next one will be St. Paul's Cathedral in London.
Taste of Autumn 93w x 100h
Designed by Jacky Davis
Window view of autumn landscape. Part of designer's seasonal series.
Warm Welcome 153w x 124h
Designed by Lesley Teare
Row of houses and border of flowers and birds. Says "Welcome to you new home"
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