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MagazineStoney Creek Cross Stitch Collection
Stoney Creek Cross Stitch Collection
Publisher:Stoney Creek Collection, Inc.
Publication Month:Jun
Publication Year:2007

Cover: Beacon of Hope

Patterns (21)
#1 Dad 71w x 43h
A Father Is Someone to Look up to 75w x 53h
Beacon of Hope 138w x 198h
Blessings in Stone 117w x 79h
Butterflies Afghan - Marsyas Hairstreak 75w x 75h
Butterflies Afghan - Old World Swallowtail 75w x 75h
Christmas Virtues Love Ornament Series 42w x 42h
Dad Magic 94w x 120h
Flag of My Heart 50w x 78h
Floral Wreath Table Topper Border A 64w x 97h
Floral Wreath Table Topper Border B 100w x 100h
Friends and Coffee 67w x 80h
Garden Angel 118w x 194h
Glory of Morning 96w x 116h
Grand Old Flag 71w x 53h
Sailing 36w x 57h
Summer Bouquet 52w x 35h
Tea Lover 24w x 24h
The Cross 31w x 53h
Who Needs Therapy? 34w x 34h
Why Worry 111w x 46h
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