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Design Works Crafts To DMC
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DesignWorks DMC Color*
Aqua 598     Light Turquoise
Beige 436     Tan
Black 310     Black
Blue 798     Dark Delft Blue
Bright Yellow 307     Lemon
Brown 869     Very Dark Hazelnut Brown
Darkest Blue 796     Dark Royal Blue
Dk Aqua 992     Light Aquamarine
Dk. Blue 803     Ultra Very Dark Baby Blue
Dk. Brown 898     Very Dark Coffee Brown
Dk. Gold 680     Dark Old Gold
Dk. Green 699     Green
Dk. Grey 451     Dark Shell Gray
Dk. Mauve 315     Medium Dark Antique Mauve
Dk. Peach 758     Very Light Terra Cotta
Dk. Pink 223     Light Shell Pink
Dk. Purple 3837     Ultra Dark Lavender
Dk. Red 498     Dark Red
Dk. Rust 400     Dark Mahogany
Dk. Yellow 725     Medium Light Topaz
Flesh 945     Tawny
Gold 729     Medium Old Gold
Green 700     Bright Green
Grey 452     Medium Shell Gray
Lilac 554     Light Violet
Lt. Aqua 747     Very Light Sky Blue
Lt. Beige 437     Light Tan
Lt. Blue 827     Very Light Blue
Lt. Brown 434     Light Brown
Lt. Flesh 948     Very Light Peach
Lt. Gold 676     Light Old Gold
Lt. Green 702     Kelly Green
Lt. Grey 453     Light Shell Gray
Lt. Mauve 778     Very Light Antique Mauve
Lt. Orange 742     Light Tangerine
Lt. Peach 948     Very Light Peach
Lt. Pink 225     Ultra Very Light Shell Pink
Lt. Purple 211     Light Lavender
Lt. Red 350     Medium Coral
Lt. Rust 402     Very Light Mahogany
Lt. Yellow 727     Very Light Topaz
Mauve 316     Medium Antique Mauve
Md. Brown 434     Light Brown
Md. Green 471     Very Light Avocado Green
Md. Red 321     Red
Mint Green 503     Medium Blue Green
Off White Ecru     Ecru
Orange 970     Light Pumpkin
Orchid 3608     Very Light Plum
Pale Blue 162     Ultra Very Light Blue
Pale Gold 677     Very Light Old Gold
Pale Green 704     Bright Chartreuse
Pale Pink 948     Very Light Peach
Pale Red 352     Light Coral
Pale Yellow 744     Pale Yellow
Peach 754     Light Peach
Pink 224     Very Light Shell Pink
Pink 899     Medium Rose
Purple 553     Violet
Red 349     Dark Coral
Rust 3776     Light Mahogany
Turquoise 807     Peacock Blue
White White     White
Wine 816     Garnet
Yellow 726     Light Topaz
NA Not Available
* Color samples and names are for DMC floss.