Calling All Stitchers

The Angel Quilt Project

The Angel Quilt Project was founded on January 27, 2000 by James Farmer of Mississippi. It is a non-profit group of stitchers from around the world that make hand-made blankets which are then given to hospitals in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom that have either Neonatal Intensive Care Units or Special Care Baby Units for families with premature babies.

Submission Instructions

  • Any design that would appeal to a child (toys, teddy bears, angels, fairies, butterflies) are accepted.
  • Designs should not be stitched on orange or black fabrics. Any other color or fabric may be used. Leave 3" to 4" all around the finished design for finishing.
  • Beads and metallic threads can be used on the panel you choose to stitch. The actual finished quilts are sometimes used as wall hangings and do not touch the child's skin.

Additional Information

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Stitched by James in Mississippi
Stitched by James in Mississippi