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adding aida cloth to make the material bigger to fit the cross stitch I am doing
Sun, Oct 15, 2017 2:29 AM
Posted by Sarah Ross
I have started a cross stitch that I am almost done but the aida fabric isn't enough to finish the project. Can I add to pieces of aida cloth together to add length to the material? Could you please tell me the steps on how to do it. Thank-you
  • Reply from Sonja
    Friday, November 3, 2017 4:36 AM
    Don't sew the pieces together as normal, because the seam never will become invisible.
    Trim the edges of your work and the piece to add to a straight edge along one row of holes.
    Then lay the added piece wrong side on right side on the other with an overlap of about 1 inch. Match precisely the added piece's edge to one row of holes on your workpiece.
    It is very important to match all the holes exactly. You can fasten the fabric with some pins.
    Connect the layers with running stitches every second row of holes all along the edge. Use fine crochet cotton or another non-splicing thread.
    Verify the matching of the holes, it is important!
    When you continue your project work the stitches through both layers of fabric.
    With a filled background the edge will be invisible.
    If the background is not filled, the seam will not be totally invisible. There are two ways to finish:
    Stitch the upper layer's edge by hand with a fine thread of same color on the lower layer, or cut it off very (!) cautiously along the cross stitches to minimize the hand-stitched seam. Be aware not to cut your stitches. If there are only few stitches in this area chose a wider overlap to get a continuous line along your cross stitches if possible to hide the edge.
    Or just fill the background even if not planned so.
    At the very end pull out the basting thread. If they are covered with stitches, you can just leave them in.
    I hope you can continue your project. It's really annoying not having enough fabric. I know...

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