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Gold Dust Aida Cloth
Mon, Oct 22, 2018 7:08 PM
Posted by diane scott
Does anyone know where I can order Charles Craft 14 ct. Stardust Gold aida cloth that is LARGER than 15x18"? I have checked many places, in stores and on-line, and cannot finda piece sold that is cut LARGER than 15x18. Pls only respond with a source that you know for sure sells it larger than 15x18. Thanks so much.
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    Reply from Pauline, Barngat, NJ
    Thursday, October 25, 2018 5:20 PM
    Check out Needleworker's Delight in Metuchen, NJ. I saw the larger cuts on their website. Just be warned that their mail service leaves much to be desired. Go to top
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      Reply from Diane Q Scott
      Thursday, October 25, 2018 6:39 PM
      Thank you so much! I see that they have the gold dust in half-yard and full yard sizes. I will be diligent about following with them to ensure delivery. Thanks so much for your response!! Go to top
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        Reply from Pauline, Barnegat, NJ
        Friday, October 26, 2018 10:08 AM
        Glad you found it. I really love this store. It's in a strip mall, on the second floor and even has an elevator. Six of us travelled there to shop and stitch. We were greeted with coffee and tea, served in china cups and saucers with home made goodies. The displays of merchandise were remarkable. Their stitch band collection was so varied as was their collection of finishes (towels, baby items, tablecloths, pillow tops). There was an entire wall of various threads. I purchased a "deal" with them last year where for $49.99 I receive a LIFETIME 25% off and if something is on sale, then I get an extra 5%. Soon after I purchased this, the discount became yearly but I'm still lifetime. Be patient with the mail order. The fabric I have ordered cut to size and it comes fully serged. We have a retreat here in NJ (in April) and this company is a vendor. They could use with more of a staff to handle mail order because they do vend at a lot of shows and retreats and the store closes at those times. Good thing they are about an hour away. Any closer and I'd be there every week! Again, be patient with the mail order! They are also on Facebook. Go to top
        • Reply from Pauline, Barnegat, NJ
          Friday, October 26, 2018 10:10 AM
          You can mention my name just so they know I am recommending their products. Go to top