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Bead Work Question on Emerald Dragonfly????
Mon, Jul 30, 2018 4:14 PM
Posted by Jenn
I am in the process of doing the bead work on Nora Corbett's Emerald Dragonfly.
Mill Hill #10041 is called for. The 'description' of this bead (when ordering)
is green; but it is actually 3 separate tones: some of the beads are pewter tone,
some of the beads are copper toned; some are gold toned. Most of the beads
look to be pewter toned. What am I to do? Which tone am I to use?
The chart does not specify which of these 'tones' to use.
I have looked at the Emerald Dragonfly online as completed. Despite my trying to
enlarge these pics to figure it out, I am unable to ascertain which of these beads are
used. I cannot even tell if they are used randomly. I have sample-stitched each of
these tones into one of the areas. To me each of these tones looks rather wonky.
Can anyone who has done this chart please advise?--even if you've used something
else, i.e. metallic, blending filament, other bead choice. Thank you. Jenn