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Ott Light
Tue, Nov 15, 2005 7:54 AM
Posted by Peggy
Does anyone use an ott light and do you think it is worth the price. I need some new lighting and don't know what to buy. Your experiences with lighting will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
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    Reply from Rachel
    Tuesday, November 15, 2005 10:37 AM
    I use an ott light all the time when I stitch I find it easier on the eyes and also the ott light gives you true color for example when you look at two same family color of floss in regular light you have to really look carefully to see the difference but with the ott light you can see it right away plus the ott light is also the light that Walt Disney himself used when he was doing his drawings. It's the closest light to natural light you can buy, plus it last for 10 000 hours before you need to change the light bulb. So to me the ott light is well worth the investment.

    Rachel :o)

    PS plus I forgot to mention that your eyes don't feel as tired as fast with this light as well compared to regular lighting. Hope that this helps you with your decision :o)

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    • Reply from Peggy
      Tuesday, November 29, 2005 1:09 PM
      Rachel and Maria, I want to thank you for you response to my post. I got a ott light from on sale and let me tell you I don't know why I waited so long. I love it. I got up one morning long before sun rise and was working along for awhile and figured it must be sunup, to my surprise when I looked out the window it was still pitch back out. My eyes do so must better. Thank you, thank you. Peggy

      PS - I also got the magnifing glass with it, it really really comes in handy. HAHA -old eyes I guess Go to top

  • Reply from Maria S.
    Thursday, November 17, 2005 9:26 AM
    I really enjoy mine. On grey gloomy days it's the best. After using it a bit, you begin to believe that the sun has come out at last. You look up and out the window and it's still grey. If cost is a concern, check out the office supply places. It's the same light as you would get in a needlework/craft type shop but less costly. Enjoy your light. Go to top