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Difference between US and French measurement of crochet thread
Thu, Aug 1, 2019 9:30 AM
Posted by bweaver
Mon Tricot pattern from 1970's: lace crochet tablecloth. Requires thirteen balls of 330yd 50gr Coton du Pingouin no.8 and steel crochet hook size 10. Finished size 60" in diameter, no gauge given. Made it with US Aunt Lydia's cotton crochet thread size 10, came out to be over 15 feet in diameter. Pingouin doesn't make it anymore and any time I email anyone overseas, no replies. (Using their 'contact us' box).
Does someone happen to know what would be the equivalent US size for French cotton crochet thread no.8? I can tell you it probably isn't size 30, having used DMC Cebelia size 30 and measuring a palm-size sample against Aunt Lydia, there was only about a little finger's difference between the two. If anybody knows what the correct equivalent size 8 in French would be for US, it'd be Very Appreciated! If you happen to know a brand, or where it could be bought, even better! I did find imported Perle number 8 on Herschner's site, but Perle doesn't have the right look. It needs to be just plain ecru or white. If I knew how, I'd put up photos but m not intelligent at posting stuff! ANY HELP GLADLY RECEIVED!!!!! :) Thank you!!!!!