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Old Occupations
Tue, Oct 20, 2015 2:09 PM
Posted by Maureen
I am currently making a cross stitch Family Tree and I am putting in small cross stitch pics of the occupations of my ancestors next to their names. i.e. A small train engine next to my GrandMothers name to represent when she worked on the trains. I am struggling however to find any charts for many of the occupations I want to include.
E.g. A WW1 soldier, Glassblower, Agricultural Labourer, Gas lamplighter, Nailor, Coachman, Servant.
I have tried making a chart myself from pictures but they all come out enormous and I just want a small design up to about 3 ins.
If anyone out there can direct me to a chart they have seen, or to a chart designer I would be really grateful!
  • Reply from Finny
    Tuesday, October 20, 2015 8:44 PM
    I don't know how big the design is. If you are comfortable you could wing the design. 3inches is not too small that the design will be indistinguishable and it is not too big that you will be ripping out hundreds of stitches. What count of aida are you using? If you have graph paper you can draw one out.

    Designs I would suggest would be:
    A colorful Marble designs = glass blower
    A gas lamp = gas lamp lighter
    Nails =Nailor
    Coach= for a coachman

    For the servant, WW1 solider, and Agricultural laboror, I guess the design would depend on what their role was within these fields.

    If you have facebook, there is a woman who's page is 365 days of stitches. She might have some patterns that she could share with you. Her swatches that she makes are about palm sized from what I gather from her facebook. Here is her website, it does not updates as quickly as her facebook though:
    I hope that helps!

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