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The Hearld Angels by Donna Vermillion Giampa
Thu, Jan 14, 2016 3:47 PM
Posted by Laura W
Hi, I've been working on this pattern for a while now, and have finally found a chunk of time to stitch, now that we are empty nesting. My problems is that through the years the fold out Leisure Arts leaflet #2525, has ripped on one of the fold lines, and left the other frayed. The chart itself was planned for the fold, leaving empty squares (back before they duplicated a few rows of the patterns on the next section)....but the Key wasn't planned so well..... leaving one section of the key splitting and frayed right over the main symbols.

Does anyone have the symbols for this section still in good condition?

I need to verify what the symbols are within the colored blocks.

Specifically I'm looking for the third column with symbols for the following numbers.

920 (dotted field of color)
934 ______________ HELP can't figure out if this is a solid square inside the color field or a five point star or * (an asterisk)
948 (this appears to be a dash in the color)
975 (this appears to be a five point star in the color field)
991 ________________ HELP might be an asterisk *
993 (believe this one is an open pyramid )
3031 is and outline stitch
3045 (believe this is a solid diamond in color field)
3362 ___________ HELP is this a filled five pt star?
3363 (white dots in color field)
3364 (open diamond in color field)
3750 (white dots in color field)
3765 (filled diamond in color field - I had stitched the blue dressed angel early before key was hard to read)
3776 ____________ HELP is this a circle with a dot inside on the color field?....used for the blue angel's hair?
3778 (believe this is the filled five pt star in color field for the skin dark tones.)

the bead and metallic codes were easy to figure out.

Any help would be appreciated, as I would like to finish up some UFO's. This being a major project. My son even helped me stitch some of this when he was a young child, and it would be neat to have this one finished and framed before next Christmas or in the future to be able to tell his own children that he helped with some of it. What bored children during a conference will find to do...anything! lol