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Colours nad nuances
Wed, Jun 5, 2019 1:29 PM
Posted by Adriana Benia
Hi there!

When I started stitching I got the model from Michaels and every floss came with name and number.
I got now 3 big nice, colourful models - with no names !
I checked the Bucilla colour charts - and many names and numbers don’t match, or are so close to each other that is very hard to decide!

Please help !


  • Reply from NANCYE
    Saturday, June 08, 2019 9:34 AM
    Is this a question or an observation? DMC does not have "official" names for their floss so you need to go by number. Frequently the designer attaches a name to a number and another designer gives a different name to the same designer. Save the left over floss in baggies. Use it small areas that you don't need a specific number/color; e.g. One small pink flower that is only about twenty stitches. I grid my projects so I use leftover flosses for this. Go to top