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Need help on last part of completing Holiday Candle Wrap, pg. 60 of Stitcher's World mag.., Nov. 2004 issue.
Tue, Feb 4, 2020 12:03 PM
Posted by Nancy Agan
I've completed this candle wrap, except for the brder. It seems the magazine is now out of print as I tried to get in contact w/them & was unable to.
In their instructions they did not seem to say anything abt. the NAME of the (border) stitch for the border – nor HOW to do it, and especially how to cut/make the open holes!

I have searched online for days & cannot find anything exactly like this stitch/open-cut border area.
Would anyone there know this information – or somewhere online that shows this exact stitch? And good directions as to how to do this type of stitch & cutting??
This Holiday Candle Wrap is located on pgs. 60 through 62 of this magazine.
Any help would be grealy appreciated!