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Back Kit 12 Cats of Christmas Ornaments
12 Cats of Christmas Ornaments | Cover: Cat Ornaments
Cover: Cat Ornaments
Kit Number18310
PublisherDimensions, Inc.
Publication Year1990
DesignerStephanie Stouffer
12 Patterns
Cat 1
38w x 33h
Cat 10
31w x 40h
Cat 11
41w x 55h
Cat 2
22w x 42h
Cat 3
26w x 50h
Cat 4
41w x 32h
Cat 5
31w x 43h
Cat 6
35w x 49h
Cat 7
38w x 45h
Cat 8
35w x 48h
Cat 9
42w x 40h
55w x 74h