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Stoney Creek Cross Stitch Collection | Cover: Birdsong Praise
Cover: Birdsong Praise
PublisherStoney Creek Collection, Inc.
Publication MonthDec
Publication Year2009
DesignerStoney Creek Collection, Inc.
22 Patterns
Best Is yet to Be
147w x 50h
Birdsong Praise
123w x 153h
Estate Towel Duet - Friends and Flowers
129w x 40h
Estate Towel Duet - Roses and Lace
113w x 43h
Holly Pillow
70w x 70h
Hummingbird Pincushion
58w x 58h
I'm Puff-fect
57w x 35h
Life Is Better
57w x 36h
Magnetic Christmas Ornaments #1 - #4
24w x 24h
Merry Christmas - Dad
38w x 38h
Merry Christmas - Mom
38w x 38h
Pansies with Bees - Pink Pansy and Bees
111w x 38h
Pansies with Bees - Purple Pansy and Bees
112w x 39h
Quilted Hearts Garden - Block 32
93w x 113h
Quilted Hearts Garden - Block 33
93w x 113h
Sachet Bags - Lavender
23w x 22h
Sachet Bags - Rosemary
23w x 22h
Santa Resting
47w x 46h
Snow Place like Home
90w x 117h
Sunny Day
41w x 69h
Welcome Pineapple
79w x 49h
152w x 152h