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Back Book 100 Cross-Stitch Gifts From Nature
PublisherSedgewood Press
Publication Year1989
DesignerThe Vanessa-Ann Collection
64 Patterns
A Crescent Forest
Description: Fan-shaped design includes deer eating apples from a tree, clouds, rabbit, fish acorn, flowers and butterflies.
144w x 103h
A Crocheted Duet - #1
Description: Pastel floral wreath
42w x 41h
A Crocheted Duet - #2
Description: Pastel flower
31w x 32h
A Rare Moment
Description: Forest, falling leaves, pair of deer in oranges and yellows
260w x 270h
Antique Bell Pull
Description: Sampler includes flowers, alphabet letters, vines, and hearts
41w x 225h
Button, Button
Description: Three button designs which include a barn, a turkey, and a farm.
24w x 24h
Description: Whimsical yellow-striped cat and blue bird. Companion piece to Rabbit.
69w x 65h
Celestial Praise
Description: Angel appearing to the shepherds in the fields with words.
92w x 123h
Colors of Spring
Description: Pink flowers with a pink square border
55w x 56h
Country Baskets - Apples
Description: Red apples on the branch and pink flowers
52w x 19h
Country Baskets - Grapes
Description: Purple grapes on the vine
37w x 22h
Country Baskets - Peaches
Description: Peaches on the branch and pink flowers.
42w x 24h
Damask Table Runner
Description: Floral wreath
37w x 37h
Flights of Fancy - #1
Description: Right-facing ruby-throated hummingbird and pink flowers
29w x 25h
Flights of Fancy - #2
Description: Left-facing rufous hummingbird and pink flowers
28w x 27h
Floral Perfume Tray
Description: Garden of red tulips and yellow daffodils
124w x 48h
Four Formal Hand Towels
Description: Scroll flower vines stitched on four different color towels
126w x 13h
From ABC to Z
Description: Each alphabet letter is accompanied by leaves, fruit, vegetables, or flowers.
40w x 40h
Good Tidings - Floral Heart
Description: Green flower with red-heart center
15w x 15h
Good Tidings - Flower
Description: Mauve flower
34w x 45h
Good Tidings - Heart
Description: Pink heart and ribbon
21w x 29h
Good Tidings - Heart
Description: Yellow heart and flowers
39w x 31h
Handkerchief Sachets
Description: Six different floral designs.
21w x 14h
Hanging Violets
Description: Bunch of violets. Instructions included for hanging ornament.
52w x 64h
Harvest Hare
Description: Circular design includes a brown rabbit and forest leaves
159w x 154h
His Box
Description: Oval-designed salmon leaps for a fly
96w x 65h
Indian Summer Tablecloth
Description: Three different designs include fall leaf, acorns on branch, and yellow squash.
30w x 30h
Just Enough Tulips
Description: Sampler of tulips. Floss colors given for 4 different color variations.
104w x 109h
Magnificent Bird
Description: Bird sitting on flowering branch
143w x 141h
One Elegant Goose
Description: Pink floral design.
23w x 23h
Picture This!
Description: Geometric design
119w x 86h
Pillow, Pocket and Potpourri
Description: Row of pink flowers and green vines. Instructions included for pillow and potpourri bags.
99w x 29h
Popcorn Pouches
Description: Four different designs include barn and corn, scarecrow in corn field, field with pumpkins and corn, and cows grazing in corn field.
34w x 49h
Posies in a Basket
Description: Mauve flowers and green vines for a bread cloth.
66w x 73h
Pretty 'n' Pink - Fan
Description: Fan-shaped design has words.
91w x 55h
Pretty 'n' Pink - Glove
Description: Glove-shaped design of pink flowers and words.
48w x 120h
Description: Whimsical white rabbit with carrots and radishes. Companion piece to Cat.
68w x 68h
Rosebud Table Runner - #1
Description: Large pink rosebuds
156w x 24h
Rosebud Table Runner - #2
Description: Small pink rosebuds
152w x 25h
Roses in Bloom - #1
Description: Long-stemmed pink rose bud
10w x 96h
Roses in Bloom - #2
Description: Long-stemmed pink rose bud starting to bloom
13w x 96h
Roses in Bloom - #3
Description: Long-stemmed pink rose in partial bloom
21w x 96h
Roses in Bloom - #4
Description: Long-stemmed pink rose in partial bloom
32w x 96h
Roses in Bloom - #5
Description: Long-stemmed pink rose in full bloom
43w x 96h
Scrapbook Memories - By the Sea
Description: Lady on beach towel holding umbrella, beach ball, beach, palm tree, and words.
110w x 82h
Scrapbook Memories - Greetings From the Mountains
Description: Man at ski lift, snowflakes, hotel, and words.
110w x 81h
Scrapbook Memories - See Our City
Description: City buildings, skyscrapers, people walking dogs, and words.
107w x 81h
Scrapbook Memories - Summer at the Lake
Description: Lakeside homes, boat docks, trees, and words.
107w x 81h
Shimmering Snowflakes
Description: Three different blue shimmering snowflake bands.
80w x 31h
Six Exquisite Lockets
Description: Six different floral designs.
23w x 27h
Description: Winter birds on branches, alphabet letters, and snowflakes
103w x 223h
Southwestern Border
Description: Southwestern geometric band
40w x 28h
Summer Garden
Description: Country couple, manor house, rabbit, and flowers.
134w x 136h
Tea-Washed Twins - #1
Description: Peach and gold floral border. Instructions included for rag doll.
49w x 22h
Tea-Washed Twins - #2
Description: Peach and gold floral border. Instructions included for rag doll.
32w x 16h
The Scarecrow
Description: Happy jointed scarecrow.
28w x 59h
The Sweetest Flower
Description: Words.
64w x 42h
Three Classic Pillows - Bluebird
Description: A trio of bluebirds and flowers
118w x 55h
Three Classic Pillows - Bouquets-in-a-Row
Description: Yellow and peach flower bouquets with blue and pink ribbons
116w x 58h
Three Classics Pillows - Butterfly
Description: Mauve and yellow butterflies and flowers
104w x 56h
Two Festive Bunnies - #1
Description: Bunny dancing on top of stack of presents
26w x 51h
Two Festive Bunnies - #2
Description: Bunny with Christmas gift
46w x 43h
Victorian Bouquet
Description: Flower vase embellished with buttons and pearls
60w x 79h
Winter Wall Hangings
Description: Six different quilt block designs.
31w x 31h