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1998 Keepsake Calendar
Cover - May After The Rain
PublisherMeredith Corporation
Publication Year1997
13 Patterns
April - Easter Bunny
Designed by Bette Ashley
130w x 102h
April - Easter Eggs #1 - #5
Designed by Bette Ashley
19w x 15h
August - Cuddly Friends Baby Sampler
Designed by Barbara Sestok
117w x 141h
December - Christmas Parade
Designed by Barbara Sestok
155w x 41h
February - Cherub Heart
Designed by Jeff Julseth
142w x 129h
January - Tree Path Sampler
Designed by Alice Okon
131w x 176h
July - Liberty
Designed by Jeff Julseth
119w x 99h
June - Hearts and Berries
Designed by Ursula Michael
82w x 107h
March - For William Pillow
Designed by Linda Gordanier Jary
163w x 145h
May - After the Rain
Designed by Barbara Sestok
161w x 115h
November - Falling Leaves
Designed by Diana Ison
130w x 100h
October - Trick or Treat Banner
Designed by Barbara Sestok
111w x 110h
September - Pasta Sampler
Designed by Polly Carbonari
111w x 100h