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Back Leaflet 80+ Cross Stitch Kind Thoughts
80+ Cross Stitch Kind Thoughts | Cover: Various Sayings and Small Designs
Cover: Various Sayings and Small Designs
Leaflet Number3995
PublisherLeisure Arts, Inc.
Publication Year2006
DesignerKooler Design Studio
83 Patterns
A Cup of Tea
36w x 56h
A Day Is Wasted without Laughter
39w x 47h
A Mother's Arms Are Made of Tenderness
41w x 51h
All Things Grow with Love
50w x 50h
50w x 24h
Angels Gather Here
67w x 31h
Aspire to Serenity
46w x 45h
Bee Happy
22w x 38h
Bee Happy, Bee True, Bee Kind, Bee Sweet
50w x 50h
27w x 28h
Believe in Miracles
36w x 38h
Bloom Where You Are Planted
42w x 38h
Book Lovers Never Go to Bed
39w x 55h
18w x 46h
Celebrate Your Uniqueness
38w x 41h
Cultivate Your Own Garden
34w x 47h
Dare to be Different
53w x 31h
21w x 28h
Do Your Own Thing
32w x 42h
Dogs Make Good Friends
31w x 42h
31w x 34h
Earth Laughs in Flowers
48w x 39h
Embrace Simplicity
53w x 35h
Enjoy Life
38w x 35h
Enjoy Yourself
39w x 46h
Everything Is Sweet with Love
49w x 49h
Follow Your Dreams
62w x 46h
Follow Your Heart
53w x 39h
Friends Are a Gift from God
43w x 52h
Friends Are the Best Presents
57w x 41h
Friendship is the Simple Reflection of Souls
47w x 52h
Friendship Is An Ever Blooming Flower
45w x 55h
Friendship Is the Essence of a Happy Life
44w x 44h
Friendship the Perfect Gift
45w x 44h
Gather Friends like Flowers
48w x 49h
God Bless America
41w x 49h
Golden Slumbers Kiss Your Eyes, Smiles Await You
49w x 49h
17w x 42h
Home Is Where Your Story Begins
53w x 55h
32w x 33h
If Friends Were Flowers I'd Pick You
50w x 49h
I've Got Friends in High Places
50w x 51h
31w x 33h
Kindness Matters
58w x 28h
Life Is Fragile
50w x 47h
Life is Good
41w x 20h
Live, Laugh, Love
31w x 64h
Love at One Glance
50w x 50h
Love Is the Key That Opens the Heart
46w x 43h
Love Ya like a Sister
25w x 56h
May I Be the Person My Dog Thinks I Am?
49w x 64h
May Your Days Be Merry and Bright
50w x 50h
Mighty Oaks from Tiny Acorns Grow
50w x 45h
My Friend You Have a Beautiful Sole
37w x 45h
Nature Is the Art of God
52w x 38h
One Cat Leads to Another
48w x 52h
28w x 24h
24w x 23h
Reach for the Stars
42w x 46h
53w x 20h
Rise Each Day with a Happy Heart
49w x 40h
Scatter Joy
51w x 44h
Scatter Seeds of Kindness
36w x 36h
Seeds of Kindness
46w x 58h
Shoot for the Moon
43w x 47h
55w x 24h
Smiles Can Make Clouds Disappear
38w x 50h
Success Is Getting What You Want
54w x 54h
Teachers Touch Tomorrow
56w x 44h
The Best Things in Life
50w x 50h
The Dog Is the God of Frolic
41w x 43h
The Road between the Houses of Friends Is Never Long
83w x 19h
Think Purple
62w x 68h
True Friend Is Forever a Friend
5w x 39h
Way to a Dream
52w x 49h
75w x 32h
Wisdom Begins in Wonder
70w x 39h
41w x 38h
Wish upon a Star
42w x 38h
Wish, Dream, Do
43w x 51h
Work, Dance, Love
50w x 65h
You're All Heart
47w x 49h
You're An Angel
48w x 39h