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A Country Cat Collection | Cover: Various Cats
Cover: Various Cats
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Leaflet NumberALX-64
PublisherAlma Lynne Designs, Inc.
Publication Year1987
DesignerAlma Lynne Designs, Inc.
17 Patterns
A Cat's a Cat
61w x 102h
A Happy Heart Loves All
102w x 94h
A House Is Not a Home
77w x 52h
Alexander and Jasmine
67w x 107h
C Is for Cat
112w x 100h
Cat Fishing
40w x 64h
Cat House
66w x 45h
49w x 64h
Fat Cat
56w x 45h
Hannah and Snowflake
68w x 112h
I Love My Cat
72w x 108h
My Cat and Me Welcome Thee
58w x 72h
Nighty Nite
33w x 64h
Sweet Dreams
34w x 65h
Wedding Day
66w x 110h
Welcome Silhouette
100w x 47h
You're the Cat's Meow
40w x 67h