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Back Book A Cross Stitcher's Oriental Odyssey
PublisherDavid & Charles
Publication Year2001
DesignerJoan Elliott
30 Patterns
Bamboo Wisdom - Four Elements
Description: A border of bamboo surrounds the Chinese symbol for wisdom.
84w x 112h
Description: The character for benevolence with a border of purple irises
43w x 57h
Bird on Blossom Tablecloth
Description: Each corner holds a sweet chickadee sitting amid cherry tree blossoms. Also has Chinese double happiness medallions.
239w x 239h
Blue Morning Glories
Description: Sky-blue morning glories
43w x 57h
Bonsai Eternity
Description: A bonsai tree with the character for eternity
55w x 55h
Butterfly Revelation
Description: Pink cherry blossoms and a blue butterfly with the character for revelation
50w x 49h
Chrysanthemum Balance - Four Elements
Description: A border of chrysanthemums surrounds the Chinese symbol for balance. (The element of earth)
84w x 112h
Dragonflies Towel
Description: Dragonflies hover over the water
28w x 134h
Dragonfly Gentleness
Description: A dragonfly with the character for gentleness
25w x 25h
Fans of the Far East
Description: Row of three fans. The Siberian iris is the flower of faith and hope. The Japanese peony is the flower of opulence and luxury. The creamy-yellow magnolia represents tenderness and love of nature.
364w x 126h
Harmony and Tranquility
Description: A bowl of white orchids with the characters for harmony and tranquility
154w x 196h
Iris Flower of Beauty
Description: Glazed earthen bowl of blue-violet Siberian irises with the symbol for beauty
84w x 112h
Kimono - Triptych Pillow
Description: A kimono of deep midnight blue represents knowledge and understanding
43w x 57h
Kimono Row
Description: Four-seasons row of kimonos. With snow still on the ground, a basket of peonies and wisteria heralds spring. A clear blue summer sky is the backdrop of pink clematis blooms twining around a bamboo trellis and fan. Fall brings chrysanthemums on a golden background. Tiny white petals fall like snowflakes against a deep blue of winter's twilight.
364w x 126h
Koi Towel
Description: Koi swim the surface of a pond
28w x 134h
Description: The character for longevity with a border of plum blossoms
43w x 57h
Description: The character for love with a border of blue morning glories
43w x 57h
Oriental Lady Beauty
Description: The geisha's kimono is in rich violets and mauves decorated with flowering plum blossoms. She is kneeling at the edge of the sea with a circle of graceful hanging wisteria behind her.
192w x 231h
Oriental Lady Grace
Description: A graceful geisha dressed in a kimono embroidered with peonies holds tiny chickadees with a circle of green willow leaves behind her.
182w x 232h
Oriental Lady Wisdom
Description: A beautiful geisha in a kimono decorated with chrysanthemums holds an open fan with a circle of red autumn leaves behind her.
184w x 236h
Panda Sachet
Description: In a shady bamboo grove a panda feasts happily on his favorite dish
43w x 57h
Peach Blossom Fan - Triptych Pillow
Description: A fan with peach blossoms and the symbol for harmony
43w x 57h
Peony Flower of Peace
Description: A simple celadon vase holds one silky peony bloom with the character for peace
84w x 112h
Pink Orchid
Description: A blue bowl of graceful pink orchids with the symbol for happiness
43w x 57h
Plum Prosperity - Four Elements
Description: A border of deep red berries and plums surrounds the Chinese symbol for prosperity. (The element of fire)
84w x 112h
Description: The character for prosperity with a border of tiny pink buds of jasmine
43w x 57h
Purple Iris
Description: Regal Siberian iris with a yellow butterfly
43w x 57h
Red Poppies Bag
Description: A celadon bowl of poppies with the Chinese symbol for tranquility in the lower corner
43w x 57h
Water Lily Longevity - Four Elements
Description: A border of water lilies surrounds the Chinese symbol for longevity. (The element of water)
84w x 112h
Wisteria Fan - Triptych Pillow
Description: Fan with hanging clusters of wisteria and the symbol for spirit
43w x 57h