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Back Book Alma Lynne's Cross Stitch for Special Occasions
PublisherOxmoor House, Inc.
Publication Year1993
DesignerAlma Lynne Designs, Inc.
65 Patterns
Baby's Keepsakes - Baby Pillow
46w x 52h
Baby's Keepsakes - Baby's Hamper
103w x 16h
Baby's Keepsakes - Birth Sampler
114w x 153h
Baby's Keepsakes - Bunnies with Bows
96w x 25h
Baby's Keepsakes - Bunny Wabbit
26w x 35h
Baby's Keepsakes - Childhood Friends
96w x 25h
Baby's Keepsakes - Ducky Double Border
40w x 40h
Baby's Keepsakes - Ducky Single Border
36w x 36h
Baby's Keepsakes - Ducky with Hearts
54w x 20h
Baby's Keepsakes - Hearts and Flowers Wash Mitt
64w x 20h
Baby's Keepsakes - Our Baby's Keepsakes
74w x 63h
Baby's Keepsakes - Rose Garland Blanket
172w x 22h
Holiday Treasures - Boy Angel Stocking
85w x 143h
Holiday Treasures - Bunny Motif
50w x 34h
Holiday Treasures - Girl Angel Stocking
101w x 143h
Holiday Treasures - Holiday Table Ensemble
20w x 23h
Holiday Treasures - I Love You
194w x 63h
Holiday Treasures - Little Patriot Motif
41w x 77h
Holiday Treasures - Little Pumpkin
27w x 28h
Holiday Treasures - Little Witchie
21w x 35h
Holiday Treasures - Little Witchie Motif
24w x 35h
Holiday Treasures - Rabbit Christmas Collar
27w x 20h
Holiday Treasures - Santa Afghan
105w x 118h
Holiday Treasures - Santa Motif
32w x 56h
Holiday Treasures - Welcome Santa
149w x 56h
Life's Celebrations - Book Bag
131w x 37h
Life's Celebrations - Congratulations, Graduate
74w x 62h
Life's Celebrations - First Day of School
58w x 102h
Life's Celebrations - For My Teacher Apple Pin
25w x 25h
Life's Celebrations - For My Teacher Basket Label
85w x 31h
Life's Celebrations - Holy Baptism Pillow
70w x 95h
Life's Celebrations - Wedding Anniversary
78w x 80h
Life's Celebrations - You're Looking at a Graduate
95w x 65h
Love and Cherish - a Beary Special Couple
49w x 49h
Love and Cherish - Bows and Lace
118w x 11h
Love and Cherish - Dresser Set
80w x 119h
Love and Cherish - Ivy Pillowcase
187w x 16h
Love and Cherish - Rose Monogram
39w x 39h
Love and Cherish - Tulip Trio Large
36w x 41h
Love and Cherish - Tulip Trio Tiny
9w x 13h
Love and Cherish - Tulip Trio Tulip and Bow
33w x 34h
Love and Cherish - Wedding Angels
188w x 89h
Love and Cherish - Wedding Pillow
37w x 36h
Love and Cherish - Wedding Place Card
49w x 20h
Special People - #1 Grandparents
95w x 41h
Special People - a Special Brother
49w x 74h
Special People - Chance Made Us Sisters
65w x 125h
Special People - Memories of Mama
135w x 100h
Special People - Memories of Papa
125w x 119h
Special People - My Baby Girl
100w x 89h
Special People - My Baby Son
103w x 96h
Special People - to My Husband
98w x 74h
Special People - to Somebunny Special
64w x 92h
Warming the Home - Apron
39w x 40h
Warming the Home - Blender
33w x 74h
Warming the Home - for Our Guest
60w x 26h
Warming the Home - Home I Where You Hang Stuff
78w x 56h
Warming the Home - Home Sampler
70w x 118h
Warming the Home - Mixer Cover
54w x 58h
Warming the Home - Napkin and Bread Cover
41w x 42h
Warming the Home - Place Mat and Toaster Cover
81w x 25h
Warming the Home - Sewing Table
53w x 75h
Warming the Home - the Way to a Friend's House
45w x 58h
Warming the Home - Welcome
59w x 18h
Warming the Home - When Friends Gather
119w x 132h