Patterns Directory

Back Book Beautiful Cross-Stitch
PublisherMeredith Corporation
Publication Year2004
DesignerBarbara Sestok
66 Patterns
Art of Mexico Coaster
Description: Floral folk art design.
30w x 30h
Art of Mexico Sampler
Description: Folk art motifs include sun, moon, flowers, corn, etc.
100w x 100h
Art of Mexico Tray Scarf
Description: Folk art flowers and scrolls.
50w x 32h
Artful Border Sampler
Description: Borders include scrolls, country ladies, hearts, art nouveau, daffofils, trees, etc.
100w x 100h
Artful Borders Sippy Cups & Bibs
Description: Borders include blue chickens, fruit, chicks, purple butterfly, pink bunnies, and pink tulips.
43w x 18h
Asian Symbol Courage Jar Lid
Description: Asian dog with word Courage.
43w x 32h
Asian Symbols Sampler
Description: Variety of Asian symbols include butterfly, turtle, fish, fan, dragon, rooster, etc.
100w x 100h
Asian Symbols Table Runner
Description: White flower (Wealth), pink flower (Purity), dog (Courage), and geometric scrolls (Thunder).
65w x 48h
Baby Animals Album Cover
Description: Two baby birds in a nest.
41w x 32h
Baby Animals Bookmark
Description: Fawn.
21w x 32h
Baby Animals Kitty Treat Jar Topper
Description: Siamese kitten playing with frog.
45w x 32h
Baby Animals Sampler
Description: Variety of baby animals includes bunnies, goat, kitten, calf, horse, chicks, duckling, piglet, and puppy.
100w x 102h
Beautiful Birds Cap
Description: Puffin.
26w x 32h
Beautiful Birds Sampler
Description: Variety of birds includes crane, flamingo, peacock, cardinal, heron, goose, owl, toucan, and barn swallow.
100w x 100h
Beautiful Birds T-Shirt
Description: Gold finch on thistle.
38w x 29h
Children's Favorites Casserole Cover
Description: Whimsical mermaids riding seahorses, roosters, and Peter Rabbit in the carrot patch.
198w x 36h
Children's Favorites Hot Pads - Chef
Description: Cat chef holding mixing bowl with words Let's Cook.
35w x 49h
Children's Favorites Hot Pads - Peter Rabbit
Description: Peter Rabbit wearing a straw hat in the carrot patch with words Let's Eat.
34w x 32h
Children's Favorites Hot Pads - Rooster
Description: Rooster with words Good Morning
32w x 35h
Children's Favorites Sampler
Description: Vintage stamped-embroidery look, these motifs include little Dutch girl holding hands with little Dutch boy, running lamb, cat chef with mixing bowl, happy puppy, cute kitten, dog in tam-o-shanter, bluebird, and teddy bear holding balloons.
100w x 100h
Christmas Greeting Cards - Gnome
Description: Gnome holding lantern.
22w x 32h
Christmas Greetings Cards - Peacock
Description: Feathered peacock ornament.
53w x 31h
Christmas Ornament
Description: Holly with words Merry Christmas.
42w x 32h
Christmas Sampler
Description: Motifs include Father Christmas, angel, bells, Santa face, ornaments, and holly.
100w x 105h
Country Hand Towels - Seeds
Description: Word Seeds.
47w x 11h
Country Hand Towels - Sunflower
Description: One large sunflower bloom with leaves.
51w x 22h
Country Sampler
Description: Motifs include rooster weather vane, key, watermelon, house, church, apple basket, bird, etc.
100w x 100h
Earth's Bounty Sampler
Description: Watering can of flowers, cherries, strawberries, trowel, peas, eggplant, bell pepper, apple, and blueberries.
100w x 100h
Earth's Bounty Tray
Description: Small basket of tomatoes, potted basil, bowl of eggs with words.
100w x 32h
Eastern European Folk Art Brooch
Description: Delft blue rose.
17w x 27h
Eastern European Folk Art Eyeglasses Case
Description: Two country ladies holding a flower basket stitched in mostly reds.
55w x 32h
Eastern European Folk Art Necklace
Description: Russian doll pendant.
17w x 32h
Eastern European Folk Art Sampler
Description: Motifs include, strawberries, flowers, leaves, peacock, pear, wheat, etc.
100w x 100h
Floral Favorites Sampler
Description: Variety of spring flowers includes pansy, purple iris, jonquil, honeysuckle, etc.
100w x 100h
Floral Favorites Tea Towel
Description: Spring flowers.
100w x 32h
Gems of Nature Bumble Bee Sachet
Description: Bumble bee on blue flower.
46w x 27h
Gems of Nature Moth Sewing Box
Description: Four moths with wings spread forming a circle with your initial in the center.
113w x 113h
Gems of Nature Sampler
Description: Motifs include butterflies, dragonfly, toadstools, hummingbirds, bees, frog, lady bug, beetle, and grasshopper.
100w x 100h
Gems of Nature Snail Pillow
Description: Snail.
44w x 27h
Halloween & Thanksgiving Sampler
Description: Motifs include pear, cornucopia, jack-o-lantern, turkey, grapes, acorns, pumpkins, etc.
100w x 100h
Halloween & Thanksgiving Toddler Shirt
Description: Owl sitting on crescent moon, black cat, and jack-o-lantern.
100w x 33h
Halloween & Thanksgiving Treat Tote
Description: Jack-o-lantern.
39w x 31h
Just Roses Pincushion
Description: One white rose bloom.
42w x 32h
Just Roses Purse
Description: Lady's hand holding one pink rose bloom.
54w x 32h
Just Roses Sampler
Description: Variety of different colored roses.
101w x 100h
Just Roses Scissors Case
Description: One pink rose bloom.
29w x 15h
Nature Borders Bread Cloth
Description: Orange day lilies.
45w x 32h
Nature Borders Napkin & Placemat
Description: Fall leaves.
31w x 31h
Nature Borders Sampler
Description: Leaves, butterfly, seahorse, waves, acorns, flowers, grapes, etc.
100w x 100h
Nature Borders Towel
Description: Mauve tulips.
93w x 15h
Outdoors Fish Box
Description: Fish jumping after fishing fly.
38w x 31h
Outdoors Paperweight
Description: Pelican.
32w x 32h
Outdoors Pen Holder
Description: Running horse.
42w x 31h
Outdoors Sampler
Description: Motifs include fish, fishing fly, anchor, sailboat, lighthouse, cowboy boot, cowboy hat, sheriff badge, etc.
100w x 100h
Rosemaling Floral Tote
Description: Flowers.
95w x 32h
Rosemaling Sampler
Description: Flowers inspired by rosemaling (decorative painting form originating in Finland, Norway, Sweden, and Denmark in the 1700's).
98w x 101h
Stained Glass Bread Cloth
Description: Pears, flowers, and butterfly.
100w x 100h
Stained Glass Sampler
Description: Motifs include parrot, grapes, iris, bee, water lily, dragonfly, carp, etc.
100w x 100h
Stamped Goods Bookmark
Description: Southern belle, flowers, strawberries, and butterfly.
30w x 121h
Stamped Goods Sampler
Description: Motifs with the look of vintage stamped embroidery include Southern belle, tulip, parasol, butterfly, flower basket, etc.
102w x 100h
Stamped Goods Table Doily
Description: Pansy.
66w x 28h
Under the Sea Album Cover
Description: Lobster, dolphin, and tropical fish.
100w x 32h
Under the Sea Pencil Holder
Description: Jumping dolphin.
52w x 32h
Under the Sea Sampler
Description: Motifs include mermaid, crab, seahorse, fish, starfish, sea shells, and coral.
100w x 100h
Valentine's Day & Easter Bellpull
Description: Easter egg, daffodil, and white rabbit pulling a cart with chick and Easter eggs.
41w x 135h
Valentine's Day & Easter Sampler
Description: Motifs include Easter rabbits, duckling in bonnet, puppy with balloon, Easter egg, Cupid, girl holding Valentine, etc.
100w x 100h