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Cover: Various Seasonal Designs
Leaflet Number900-36
PublisherJanlynn Corporation
Publication Year1991
DesignerMona Eno
14 Patterns
Beach Fun
100w x 36h
Birthday Elephant
98w x 39h
Easter Bunny
99w x 36h
Fall Frolic Teddies
95w x 40h
Gobble Gobble
96w x 35h
80w x 43h
Happy Hanukkah
94w x 35h
Little Sparkler
99w x 38h
Merry Christmas
93w x 39h
New Year's
107w x 39h
Spring Is Here
108w x 43h
St. Patrick's Day
91w x 37h
Summer Time
104w x 42h
Valentine's Day
76w x 42h