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Bibs, Bears, & Babies | Cover: Little All Star
Cover: Little All Star
Leaflet Number271
PublisherStoney Creek Collection, Inc.
Publication Year2000
DesignerStoney Creek Collection, Inc.
23 Patterns
Angel in Training
Description: Two angel lambs, hearts, and words.
151w x 27h
Baby Bear
Description: Smiling baby bear with open arms
40w x 28h
Description: Three balloons
36w x 25h
Description: Butterfly in fuchsia, yellow, lavender blue and sea green
31w x 22h
Cuddle Me
Description: Pastel hearts and words.
41w x 30h
Favorite Toy
Description: Overturned food bowl, dripping sipper cup, feeding spoon, and words.
155w x 25h
Going to Grandma's
Description: Waving bear in a car with words.
53w x 39h
Going to Nana's
Description: Bear in baby carriage with words.
57w x 43h
Heart & Bow
Description: Pink heart and blue bow
37w x 24h
Hearts & Checks Sampler
Description: Pastel hearts, ABC, 123, and blue checks
36w x 24h
Description: Bee, dragonfly, and ladybug
48w x 27h
Little All Star
Description: Stars, your baby's name, and words.
57w x 41h
Little Princess
Description: Pastel hearts, crown, and words Little Princess.
43w x 24h
Little Sweetheart
Description: Pastel hearts, your baby's name, and words.
57w x 48h
Musical Hearts
Description: Musical notes
64w x 44h
Description: Sleeping man-in-the-moon in his nightcap, a star, and words.
42w x 29h
Description: Rainbow, clouds, and emerging smiling sun
37w x 20h
Rocking Horse
Description: Rocking horse
35w x 24h
Rosebud Birth Sampler
Description: Pink roses, green leaves, your baby's name, and birth date
55w x 38h
Rubber Ducky
Description: Rubber duck in sailor hat
28w x 26h
Description: Sailboat
30w x 26h
Smiley Flower
Description: Smiling flower with yellow center and pink and green petals
50w x 26h
You Are My Sunshine
Description: Smiling sun and words.
37w x 25h