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Buttoned with Love | Cover: Mary Mary Quite Contrary
Cover: Mary Mary Quite Contrary
Leaflet Number122
PublisherStoney Creek Collection, Inc.
Publication Year1994
DesignerStoney Creek Collection, Inc.
15 Patterns
A Mom That Plays
90w x 144h
Bluebird Welcome
85w x 110h
Bluebirds and Houses
58w x 15h
Carrot Patch
58w x 15h
Friendship Sampler
66w x 98h
Hang Your Heart
89w x 90h
I'd Rather Be Quilting
89w x 89h
Ladybug Ladybug
83w x 146h
Little Boy Blue
160w x 106h
Little Teapot
57w x 15h
Mary Mary Quite Contrary
160w x 106h
Strawberry Vine
58w x 15h
Tulips and Gingham
58w x 14h
Watermelon Vine
58w x 15h
Wuv You
74w x 101h