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Celebrations to Cross Stitch & Craft | Cover: Summer's Herbs
Cover: Summer's Herbs
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PublisherLeisure Arts, Inc.
Publication MonthSum
Publication Year1993
12 Patterns
Calendar of Bears - August
Designed by Delane Lange
78w x 60h
Calendar of Bears - July
Designed by Delane Lange
58w x 60h
Clowning Around
Designed by Sam Hawkins
87w x 59h
Daughter's Day
100w x 76h
Dog Day Cut Ups - As Ye Sew
Designed by Connie Larsen
32w x 35h
Dog Day Cut Ups - Cross Stitcher's Count
Designed by Connie Larsen
72w x 36h
Dog Day Cut Ups - Floss Daily
Designed by Connie Larsen
39w x 25h
Dog Day Cut Ups - Scissors
Designed by Connie Larsen
47w x 22h
July 4th
Designed by Kooler Design Studio
44w x 39h
Keep It Cool
Designed by Debra Kappmeyer
73w x 51h
Summer's Herbs
Designed by Linda Culp Calhoun
119w x 179h
The Thread of Love
Designed by Sandy Gervais
64w x 64h