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Christmas Clippers | Cover: Various Christmas Ornaments
Cover: Various Christmas Ornaments
Leaflet Number3584
PublisherAmerican School of Needlework
Publication Year1992
DesignerBette Ashley
30 Patterns
Baby's First Christmas
36w x 41h
Bear on the Flying Trapeze
42w x 45h
37w x 36h
Candle Glow
26w x 38h
Christmas Cow
44w x 43h
Christmas Wizard
30w x 47h
Elfin Magic
41w x 53h
Fluffy Angel
41w x 39h
Folk Santa
32w x 48h
41w x 40h
Hanging out
37w x 40h
Home Tweet Home
43w x 46h
Jack in a Box
38w x 43h
Jingle Bell
38w x 41h
Little Bit
33w x 43h
30w x 46h
Mr. Al A. Twitter
46w x 30h
44w x 37h
Salty Santa
25w x 46h
Santy Claws
53w x 44h
44w x 33h
Snow Bunny
36w x 45h
Snowflake Stocking
36w x 43h
Speedy Delivery
50w x 31h
ssLil Sheriff
34w x 46h
Swingin Santa
29w x 43h
Test Ride
39w x 50h
The Gift Wrappers
39w x 41h
Three Wise Men
39w x 41h
Tin Lizzie
38w x 28h