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Back Book Christmas Cross Stitch
PublisherDavid & Charles
Publication Year2007
DesignerClaire Crompton
89 Patterns
A Child is Born - For We have Seen
34w x 49h
A Child is Born - Holy Family
52w x 54h
A Child is Born - Mary and Baby Jesus
40w x 74h
A Child's Christmas - Dear Santa
30w x 49h
A Child's Christmas - Is to Late to be Good
31w x 54h
A Child's Christmas - Merry Christmas
56w x 30h
A Victorian Christmas - Carolers
66w x 77h
A Victorian Christmas - Heart
23w x 27h
A Victorian Christmas - Stocking
25w x 36h
Advent Motifs - Bird
19w x 19h
Advent Motifs - Santa
19w x 19h
Advent Motifs - Sleigh
19w x 19h
Angels - Angel
33w x 43h
Angels - Gloria is Excelsis Deo
68w x 91h
Angels - Peace on Earth
38w x 21h
Angels on High - Angel
63w x 42h
Angels on High - Luke 2:10
57w x 61h
Angels on High - Luke 2:14
74w x 86h
Baby's Christmas - My First Christmas Dinner
31w x 31h
Baby's Christmas - Santa's Little Helper
27w x 25h
Baby's Christmas - Teddy's First Christmas
19w x 31h
Christmas Cards - Ding Dong Merrily on High
50w x 50h
Christmas Cards - Good King Wenceslas
50w x 50h
Christmas Cards - We Three Kings
50w x 50h
Christmas Classics - Bell
20w x 26h
Christmas Classics - Candle
34w x 34h
Christmas Classics - Horn
30w x 23h
Christmas Fairies - Present Fairy
27w x 47h
Christmas Fairies - Snow Fairy
25w x 47h
Christmas Fairies - Star Fairy
24w x 49h
Christmas Flowers - Holly
29w x 35h
Christmas Flowers - Poinsettia
37w x 35h
Christmas Flowers - Wreath
29w x 34h
Christmas Garlands - Gifts
72w x 33h
Christmas Garlands - Mittens
76w x 23h
Christmas Garlands - Stockings
75w x 27h
Christmas Sentiments - Merry Every Thing
31w x 26h
Christmas Sentiments - Peace on Earth
22w x 28h
Christmas Sentiments - Santa Stop Here
63w x 62h
Country Advent - Candy Cane
19w x 19h
Country Advent - Snowman
19w x 19h
Country Advent - Tree
19w x 19h
Oh Christmas Tree- Christmas Tree
34w x 41h
Oh Christmas Tree- Snow Tree
20w x 25h
Oh Christmas Tree- Thin Tree
8w x 35h
Penguin Fun - Fishing Penguin
31w x 27h
Penguin Fun - Santa Stop Here
27w x 32h
Penguin Fun - Skaing Penguin
76w x 35h
Reindeer - ! Love Rudolph
13w x 33h
Reindeer - Reindeer
37w x 26h
Reindeer - Reindeer Games
36w x 35h
Robins - Christmas Dawn Chorus
52w x 26h
Robins - Happiness is A Warm Mince Pie
26w x 24h
Robins - Tis the Season
39w x 32h
Saint Nicholas - King Santa
51w x 62h
Saint Nicholas - Large Santa
78w x 105h
Saint Nicholas - Round Santa Claus
47w x 47h
Santa's Helpers - Christmas
74w x 19h
Santa's Helpers - Post Early Christmas
27w x 32h
Santa's Helpers - Team Christmas
55w x 36h
Santa's Sleigh
194w x 54h
Shaker Style Christmas - Heart
36w x 36h
Shaker Style Christmas - Star
41w x 33h
Shaker Style Christmas - Tree
17w x 23h
Snow Birds - Snow Bears
39w x 46h
Snow Birds - Snowy Owl
38w x 36h
Snow Birds - Turkey
29w x 47h
Snow Scenes - Bird House
19w x 30h
Snow Scenes - Home Sweet Home
28w x 24h
Snow Scenes - Winter Scene
24w x 46h
Snowflakes - Let it Snow
46w x 18h
Snowflakes - Snow Business
45w x 49h
Snowflakes - Snow Place
63w x 37h
Snowmen - More Snow
34w x 50h
Snowmen - Small Snowman
44w x 27h
Snowmen - Snowmen Warm Hearts
48w x 42h
Sweets and Treats - Cake
29w x 46h
Sweets and Treats - Candy Cane
15w x 21h
Sweets and Treats - Yule Log Cabin
33w x 29h
Tag It - From My Kitchen
27w x 36h
Tag It - From Your Secret Santa
19w x 26h
Tag It - Made with Love
27w x 24h
Teddies at Christmas - It's Perfect
33w x 44h
Teddies at Christmas - Sent via Bear Mail
19w x 30h
Teddies at Christmas - Too Much Stuffing
19w x 46h
The Nativity
110w x 139h
Tree Decorations - Gift
30w x 30h
Tree Decorations - Peace on Earth
30w x 30h
Tree Decorations - Stocking
29w x 35h