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Crazy for Cross Stitch | Cover: Picnic Basket
Cover: Picnic Basket
PublisherThe Needlecraft Shop, LLC
Publication MonthSep
Publication Year2001
11 Patterns
ABCs of Home
Designed by Gail Bussi
85w x 125h
Beary Cute
Designed by Jacquelyn Fox
40w x 36h
Beary Precious
Designed by Jacquelyn Fox
94w x 23h
Beary Sweet
Designed by Jacquelyn Fox
44w x 33h
Christmas Table Runner
Designed by Hope Murphy
19w x 20h
Footprints in the Sand
Designed by Lois Winston
152w x 280h
Life's Lessons
Designed by Donna Burt
84w x 124h
Martha Spence Sampler
Designed by Susan Stadler
150w x 127h
Noah's Ark
Designed by Polly Carbonari
127w x 100h
Designed by Kathleen Hurley
80w x 51h
Picnic Basket
Designed by Polly Carbonari
103w x 101h