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Cross-Stitch & Needlework | Cover: Dragon Flies
Cover: Dragon Flies
PublisherBayview Publishing, Inc.
Publication MonthSep
Publication Year2009
17 Patterns
Beautiful Blooms Coaster Set - Irises
Designed by Katy Rankin
26w x 36h
Beautiful Blooms Coaster Set - Lilies
Designed by Katy Rankin
34w x 39h
Beautiful Blooms Coaster Set - Poppies
Designed by Katy Rankin
36w x 38h
Beautiful Blooms Coaster Set - Violets
Designed by Katy Rankin
33w x 36h
Black & Whites Roses Rug
Designed by Linda Bird
125w x 336h
Bracelets - And So It Goes
132w x 11h
Bracelets - Bubble Trouble
140w x 26h
Friendship Tree
Designed by Gail Bussi
99w x 133h
Glow in the Dark - Bats and Moon
Designed by Barbara Sestok
70w x 57h
Glow in the Dark - Cat
Designed by Barbara Sestok
61w x 75h
Glow in the Dark - Pumpkin
Designed by Barbara Sestok
61w x 56h
Halloween Motif Library
Designed by Jennifer Mitchell
13w x 15h
It's a Bird's Life
Designed by Julia Lucas
61w x 156h
Nordic Santa Stocking
Designed by Barbara Sestok
136w x 213h
Spooky Door
Designed by Trina Laube
90w x 110h
Sunflower Fairy
Designed by Nora Corbett
85w x 108h
Witch's Brew
Designed by Lynda Orme
119w x 136h