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Cross Country Stitching | Cover: I Love Flowers
Cover: I Love Flowers
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PublisherJeremiah Junction, Inc.
Publication MonthJul/Aug
Publication Year1996
DesignerJeremiah Junction, Inc.
20 Patterns
Angel Dusters - Accent
Description: Plaid hearts, angel in plaid gown with a dusting rag, and words.
46w x 75h
Angel Dusters - Protective Cover
Description: Plaid hearts, two angels in plaid gowns with dusting rag and duster, and words.
46w x 75h
Homestyle Kitchen Towel 1
Description: Quilt hanging, bowl of fruit, toy houses, thread spools, and preserve jar.
70w x 35h
Homestyle Kitchen Towel 2
Description: Birdhouse, apple, hearts, toy pig, bowl of cherries, jar of chutney preserves.
70w x 35h
I Love Flowers
Description: A birdhouse, a flower pot, and a country lady holding gardening supplies and a watering can with words.
98w x 183h
Jar Lacy - 3 Fruit Chutney
Description: Strawberries, blueberries, cherries, and words.
31w x 31h
Jar Lacy - Blueberry Cobbler
Description: Blueberries and words.
31w x 31h
Jar Lacy - Cranberry Chutney
Description: Cranberries and words.
31w x 31h
Jar Lacy - Daffy Apples
Description: A green, yellow, and red apple with words.
31w x 31h
Jar Lacy - Orange Cherry Sauce
Description: An orange, cherries, and words.
31w x 31h
Jary Lacy - Lemon Lime Sauce
Description: A lemon, lime, and words.
31w x 31h
Kitchen Cow
Description: Two plaid hearts and words.
106w x 41h
Love & Friendship Bookmark
Description: Plaid hearts, apple and verse.
24w x 108h
Names of Jesus Ornaments
Description: Two oval-shaped ornaments with plaid hearts, sheep, and words.
37w x 50h
Noah's Ark
Description: Plaid hearts, Noah's ark, animals and verse.
65w x 120h
Description: Happy country lady scarecrow, flowers, and words.
56w x 127h
Skinny Country Stocking - Welcome
Description: Potted sunflower, watermelon slice, apple, plaid heart, and word Welcome.
36w x 43h
Skinny Country Stockings - Home Sweet Home
Description: Plaid house, plaid heart, and words.
36w x 43h
Skinny Country Stockings - Quilt
Description: Star quilt pattern with hearts.
36w x 43h
Still Life
Description: Birdhouse, spools of thread, black-eyes susans, a slice of watermelon and verse.
56w x 84h