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Back Magazine Cross Stitch & Needlework
SourceCross Stitch Magazine Database
PublisherCraftways Corporation
Publication MonthJun
Publication Year1997
12 Patterns
Angelic Whispers
Designed by Carol Emmer
69w x 31h
Bandana Pillows
Designed by Linda Gordanier Jary
168w x 168h
Cowboy Table Runner
Designed by Linda Gordanier Jary
454w x 135h
Floral Romance
Designed by Joan Green
135w x 165h
Hands on Hardanger
Designed by Rosalyn Watnemo
102w x 102h
Designed by Linda Gordanier Jary
76w x 87h
Libety Bell
Designed by Lois Winston
89w x 169h
Sweet Pea Seed Packet
Designed by Jim Williams
92w x 132h
Three Wise Men
Designed by Carole Rodgers
102w x 132h
To Have & to Hold
Designed by Alice Okon
133w x 194h
Uncle Sam
Designed by Franck Bielec
145w x 86h
Victorian Floral Bag
Designed by Debra Stump
73w x 49h