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Cross Stitch & Needlework | Cover: Haunted House
Cover: Haunted House
PublisherCraftways Corporation
Publication MonthOct
Publication Year1996
17 Patterns
250th Anniversary Sampler
Designed by The DMC Corporation
196w x 200h
Antique Needlework Tools
Designed by Linda Gordanier Jary
140w x 112h
Apples Are the Best of All
Designed by Unknown
110w x 140h
Candle Trim
Designed by Karen Taylor
21w x 25h
Floral Bouquet
Designed by Pam Broesder
26w x 34h
God Bless Our Home
Designed by Unknown
299w x 109h
Harvest Witch
Designed by Lorri Birmingham
130w x 182h
Haunted House
Designed by Barbara Sestok
160w x 208h
Jeweled Denium Jacket
Designed by Liz Turner-Diehl
220w x 30h
Joy Trim
Designed by Karen Taylor
31w x 24h
Napkin Holder
Designed by Ursula Michael
61w x 34h
Noel Trim
Designed by Karen Taylor
32w x 24h
Recipe Box Top
Designed by Ursula Michael
61w x 58h
Sampler Charm
Designed by Eileen Gilliland
28w x 36h
Spice Cabinet
Designed by Ursula Michael
149w x 112h
Trick or Treat Moon
Designed by Jeff Julseth
126w x 147h
Victorian Brooch
Designed by Shirley Lesnick
29w x 38h