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Cross Stitch Calendar Covers | Cover: Various Designs
Cover: Various Designs
Leaflet Number256
PublisherStoney Creek Collection, Inc.
Publication Year2000
DesignerStoney Creek Collection, Inc.
15 Patterns
Do Be Do Be Do
85w x 43h
Dream It
85w x 43h
Friends Make Memories
85w x 43h
Go for It
85w x 43h
87w x 43h
Lighthouse sand Sailboat
87w x 45h
Live Today
87w x 45h
Love Much
85w x 43h
Precious Time
86w x 45h
85w x 43h
85w x 43h
Sweet Words
85w x 44h
Tea Time
87w x 45h
The Year 2000
86w x 40h
Time Began
85w x 43h