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SourceCross Stitch Magazine Database
PublisherFuture Publishing, Ltd.
Publication MonthJul
Publication Year2004
10 Patterns
Birthday Flowers - Sweet As Honeysuckle
Designed by Julia De Medeiros
Description: A portrait of honeysuckle flowers. Part of Birthday Flowers series.
66w x 94h
Father, Dear Father
Description: Four Father's Day cards based on 1930 art style. Stitch count for each is as given. Done in shades of grey.
71w x 44h
In a Country Garden
Designed by Lesley Teare
Description: Various country garden motifs for the English garden design.
131w x 103h
Inspired by Iznik
Designed by Carol Phillipson
Description: Design inspired by tile patterns from the ancient Turkish city of Iznik.
100w x 364h
Passion for Peonies
Designed by Sheila Hudson
Description: Bouquet of peonies.
163w x 261h
Swan Lake
Designed by Unknown
Description: A portrait of a single ballerina in blue. Adapted from painting of the Russian ballerina Altynai Asylmuratova by Frances Cordell. Companion design to "Firebird" in Issue 107.
75w x 126h
The Next Generation
Designed by Denise Roberts
Description: Sampler for noting all the grandchildren. Says "Our Grandchildren" in the center and has little kids all around the border.
140w x 140h
To the Manor Born
Designed by Hilda Martin
Description: Design of Sulgrave Manor, the home of George Washington in England.
108w x 80h
Wedding Band
Designed by Shirley Toogood
Description: Band of flowers to stitch for a wedding album cover.
63w x 219h
Willow Warbler
Designed by Carol Phillipson
Description: A willow warbler bird among daisies.
174w x 147h