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SourceCross Stitch Magazine Database
PublisherFuture Publishing, Ltd.
Publication MonthOct
Publication Year2001
12 Patterns
Autumn Fairy
Designed by Caroline Palmer
Description: Fairy dressed in purple dancing under a mushroom. Third of four in seasonal series. Spring Fairy and Summer Fairy are in issues 64 and 69 repsectively.
106w x 135h
Bathtime Bears
Designed by Maria Diaz
Description: Three teddy bears in the bathroom which include one in the tub, one on the floor, and one trying to get into the tub.
148w x 139h
Floral Cushion
Designed by Freda Black
Description: Round pillow with pink nerines and lavender michaelmas daises. Pink Nerines originate in South Africa.
140w x 143h
Fresh Fruit Cards
Designed by Sheila Hudson
Description: A collection of cards with fruits on them which include strawberries, peaches, grapes, and pears.
Golden Sunflowers
Designed by Sheila Hudson
Description: Field of sunflowers.
115w x 164h
Harvest Teacosy
Designed by Agneta Engman
Description: Harvest mice scamper among apples and ears of corn.
187w x 152h
Majestic Tiger
Designed by Scott Heinrich
Description: Portrait of a menacing tiger.
123w x 132h
Nature's Year - October
Designed by Julia De Medeiros
Description: Part of monthly series. Has a bat, a hedgehog, mushrooms and toadstools.
90w x 90h
Poppy Field
Designed by Hilda Martin
Description: Poppy field with verse from Robert Burns that starts "But pleasures are like poppies spread...."
126w x 91h
Sportscar Box
Designed by Maria Diaz
Description: Design of a red Morgan sports car.
40w x 40h
Teatime Sampler
Designed by Gail Bussi
Description: This design has names of different teas which include Earl Gray, Darjeeling, Orange Pekoes, Assam, and English Breakfast.
128w x 100h
Unicorn Card
Designed by Unknown
Description: A small card of the head of a unicorn.
37w x 36h