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SourceCross Stitch Magazine Database
PublisherFuture Publishing, Ltd.
Publication MonthFeb
Publication Year2003
11 Patterns
Best Friends
Designed by Maria Diaz
Description: Friendship design. Has young boy and girl hugging and says "Friends Forever"
76w x 76h
Cotswald Village Scene - Part 1
Designed by Sandra Littlejohns
Description: A busy village scene.
420w x 112h
Elegant Daffodil
Designed by Susan Bates
Description: Daffodils in a vase.
63w x 120h
Flower Teddies
Designed by Sue Cook
Description: Teddy bears dressed as sunflowers. Design meant for child nursery.
102w x 126h
Golden Labrador
Designed by Pollyanna Pickering
Description: Golden lab design.
192w x 175h
Medieval Wild Animals
Designed by Lesley Teare
Description: Pillow design of four medieval style animals - a rabbit, a squirrel, a deer and a fox.
142w x 142h
Molly the Gardening Doll
Designed by Sue Cook
Description: Doll with a garden hoe and basket. Can be finished as a stand-up.
95w x 150h
Periwinkle Trinket Pot
Designed by The Nutmeg Needle
Description: Small design for a trinket box.
33w x 33h
Plant Pot Friends
Designed by Maria Diaz
Description: Small patterns meant for windowsill plants. Has pattern of a bee, a butterfly, and a watering can.
28w x 28h
Spring View
Designed by Jacky Davis
Description: View of spring from a window. Part 1 in seasonal series of 4.
93w x 98h
Valentine Cards
Designed by Joanne Sanderson
Description: Collection of Valentine cards.