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SourceCross Stitch Magazine Database
PublisherFuture Publishing, Ltd.
Publication Year2003
9 Patterns
African Sunset
Designed by Maria Diaz
Description: An elephant and a baby elephant against sunset background.
118w x 146h
An Apple a Day
Designed by Maria Diaz
Description: A small design with an apple that says "An Apple a Day".
77w x 79h
Blackwork Rose
Designed by Leon Conrad
Description: A blackwork rose pattern.
61w x 61h
Floral Splendor
Designed by Caroline Palmer
Description: A bouquet of poppies.
99w x 128h
Hello Sailor
Designed by The DMC Corporation
Description: A Sarah Bengry bear. Dressed in sailor clothes.
96w x 137h
Light up You Home
Designed by Anna Davidson
Description: Illuminated letters adorn this tablecloth.
54w x 58h
Mystical Mountain
Designed by Sheila Hudson
Description: A scenic landscape of Mount Fuji done in bright colors.
100w x 135h
Taste of Autumn
Designed by Jacky Davis
Description: A window view of autumn landscape.
93w x 100h
Warm Welcome
Designed by Lesley Teare
Description: A row of houses and border of flowers and birds.
153w x 124h