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Cross Stitch Gold | Cover: Geese and Daisies
Cover: Geese and Daisies
PublisherImmediate Media Company Bristol Limited
Publication Year2003
10 Patterns
Animal Sampler
Designed by Kooler Design Studio
160w x 216h
Autumn Table Linen - Napkin
Designed by Nancy Rossi
35w x 35h
Autumn Table Linen - Placemat
Designed by Nancy Rossi
69w x 104h
Autumn Table Linen - Runner
Designed by Nancy Rossi
126w x 34h
Childhood Days
Designed by Sam Hawkins
114w x 153h
Funny Bunny Alphabet
Designed by Gillian Souter
198w x 134h
Geese and Daisies
Designed by Pollyanna Pickering
140w x 133h
Indian Ginger Jar
Designed by Maria Diaz
88w x 117h
Poppy Tablecloth
Designed by Sue Page
181w x 153h
Weather Sampler
Designed by Sue Cook
106w x 133h