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Cross Stitch Magazine | Cover: School Days
Cover: School Days
PublisherThe Needlecraft Shop, LLC
Publication MonthAug/Sep
Publication Year1999
10 Patterns
A Day at the Beach
Designed by Janelle Giese
90w x 170h
Deer Friends
Designed by Christine Hendricks
128w x 87h
Fruits and Veggies
Designed by Felicia Williams
79w x 103h
Designed by Pat Pearson
98w x 70h
Hurry Spring
Designed by Tonya Flynn
100w x 130h
I Planted a Garden
Designed by Christine Hendricks
121w x 67h
Neptune's Treasure - Beachcomber
Designed by Kathleen Hurley
72w x 81h
Oceanside Sunset
Designed by Judith Chrispens
120w x 151h
Rooted Pals
Designed by Daniela Oey
139w x 78h
School Days
Designed by Thomas Williams
108w x 128h