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Cross Stitch Plus | Cover: Floral Fantasy Heart
Cover: Floral Fantasy Heart
PublisherThe House of White Birches, Inc.
Publication MonthFeb/Mar
Publication Year1992
17 Patterns
Bunny Shelf
Designed by Peggy Thomas
93w x 63h
Colorful Pysanky
Designed by Polly Carbonari
152w x 42h
Dancing Bunnies
Designed by Cornelia Barr
110w x 78h
Duplicate Stitch Owl
Designed by Judy Milhollin-Gibbs
48w x 65h
Easter Place Mat
Designed by Cam Harmon
192w x 33h
Floral Fantasy Heart
Designed by Ursula Michael
100w x 79h
Fours Seasons Farm - Spring
Designed by Laurie Craven
96w x 96h
I'm Proud to Be An American
Designed by Joanie Klein
124w x 34h
Irish Blessing
Designed by Laurie Craven
113w x 113h
Irish Clock
Designed by Virginia Soskin
58w x 89h
Mice in Love Towel
Designed by Alice Burson
125w x 30h
Once An Angel Birthday Sampler
Designed by Jean Higgins
93w x 117h
Snow Sampler
Designed by Virginia Soskin
86w x 123h
Spring Gazebo
Designed by Eleanor Glavin
35w x 48h
Spring Tulips
Designed by Eleanor Glavin
53w x 37h
Take the Time
Designed by Margaret Harding
51w x 47h
Whale Sampler
Designed by Rita Mears
133w x 178h